Here at GWL Properties & Development Company, we strive to address the needs and desires of our clients. We just don’t build homes and impose our own ‘agenda’ thereby ignoring the fundamental requirements of space and wishes of our clients.

Our projects are mostly sold ‘off plan’ whereby the client/buyer pays a deposit to show commitment on individual units in our projects,while the project is at its design stages. This affords our customers the opportunity to specify individual requirements in their home and we professionally marry these requirements to match our contemporary concept and design.

Our experience has shown though, that most of our clients/buyers will rather leave everything to us from start to finish with the full confidence that our finished product will surpass their expectation and imagination based on previous clientele experience and recommendations.

We are ‘on ground’ to support and resolve any building related issues that may occur after the client/buyer move into their homes, for a period up to 3 months from the first day of occupancy.